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angie fuss

Over Achieve Fitness reopened its doors today. I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with some of Gretchen Mellot's Tabata Fun! While I really enjoyed our outdoor workouts, I am SO happy to be back in the gym!

Angie Fuss


I love it here! It hasn’t been two full weeks just yet but I am making sure I get the best out of the boot camp sessions. I’ve also done one small group session and that was just as amazing.

Tiffany Renee


There's nothing like OAF in the Chambersburg area! Quality equipment, authentic camaraderie with other members, AMAZING workouts, and top-notch trainers who care about your personal development.

Mike Kreider

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    Wishing you had the old high school body and athlete's mindset you had years ago? I'm ready to peel it back with less than 40 minutes a day!

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    RT @tonygentilcore1: Typical coach - client goal setting interaction this time of year. https://t.co/eFAo3ORSls

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    RT @T_Nation: Add one of these metabolic finishers to the end of your workout, shred fat, build athleticism, and leave feeling accomplished…

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