👍The power of PRIMERS💯
leg curls

👍The power of PRIMERS💯

👍The power of PRIMERS💯
If your like most, you head to the gym…slap on some light plates and within 2-3 minutes your hitting your working sets.💪🏾
This can only go so far before your body begins to break down and your joints truly start aching. 
Welcome to the world of POWER-PRIMER supersets!
🤷🏻‍♂️What are they? 
A combination of a power based movement paired with a isolating high volume exercise that can help BETTER prepare you for strength gains!💯
The key 🔑 is not to go overboard and fatigue yourself too much so stick to 3-5 reps for the power based movement and if you are feeling frisky and after a good pump hit 12-20 for the primer!
The best way to get after them…
Hit some posterior chain work!
An example would be a power/primer of kettlebell swings and Swiss Ball leg curls. 
A couple key points for your leg curls(because I see them done incorrectly a lot) are to: 

  1. Extend the hips! Dropping the hips too low with no extension limits your potential range of motion.
  2. Use your back! With no engagement in the upper back, you’ll have no balance. Drive your hands to the floor to help
  3. Go slower! Stop trying to beat the clock!
  4. Don’t cut short! Stop ending the movement early, get all the way through! 

Then you all saw my notes on swings from last week! Just remember to hit them only a few sets each! 

👍An upper body example would be…Med ball slams(1) or even rotational(2) or finally lying tosses(3) paired with exercises like band face pulls, band pull aparts, or even YTWLs. 

Upper Primers 

Again, remember to keep reps low for the power exercise! We are preparing for heavier loading which is my next point!
🤷🏻‍♂️Why do they help? 
Well…for ONE…power movements spark up the CNS which can translate to better speed and velocity with your lifts, leading to greater gains! 
Secondly, high end motor control concentric actions like slams tend to recruit more muscle which can relay to more growth. 
Lastly, power drops the most with age so it’s important to train it! Use it or lose it LOL. 
🙌🏻Then to top it all off the primers can act to stabilize, correct or even improve faulty body postures displayed from everyday desk jobs WHILE giving your main muscles used in lifts a “pre fatigued” pump that will correlate to better growth and activation!💯
If you havnt yet taken advantage of these or even added some as fillers between heavier lifts, make it your mission to! Nothing like fueling the fire before the work!👌🏻 Using fillers can be a HUGE advantage to decrease warm up time, add prime mover strength and they reinforce stability for your main lifts!Get after your sessions today! I hit one of my favorites pretty hard! If you want to know what CRAZY 8’s are MIKEY style, head to my IG @mjo_oaf.

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