Welcome to the World, Ellea Nicole. Daddy…ready or not….here WE ARE!
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Welcome to the World, Ellea Nicole. Daddy…ready or not….here WE ARE!

After nine months of trying to process how in the WORLD I would balance work, a one year old, an infant, and “restarting” my business….It came to a sudden START on Wednesday. 

Needless to say, I have been FULL speed since the birth of Ellea, but what is more crazy is the insane stresses of what is to come!

I am one who loves routines, systems and I always make sure I try to have a plan of action and purpose for a lot of what I do day in and day out.

I learned QUICKLY with Noah that things have to change, and I did my best to adapt in the past year to having him in our life.

He is truly starting to become a little boy and actually loves seeing me when I come home from work which just makes me so happy! 

But now, adding Ellea and having a CRAZY German Shepherd pup, a 16 month old and now an infant just sends my brain into all sorts of panic…..

I am trying to balance and learn, and I am finding that I will have to QUICKLY because this is all just pure chaos. Take today for example…I come inside from rushing to the grocery store while Noah was napping only to find him wide awake when back and he now like crying when he hears Ellea crying. 

It sounded like we were in World War 3, BABY version trying to soothe them both, get Noah a snack and changed while Meg is trying to handle Ellea and get her to calm down. Then you have Brea in the corner doing the “doggy cover” with her ears. 

The funny thing is, I was supposed to be working and I just kinda chuckled at the fact of trying to at that given moment. 

I’ve quickly come to find a few things having two babies in the house:

1. There are no “quiet times.”

2. You may dream babies crying at night EVEN if there is a brief second they are not. Then you wake up in a panic only to realize you are either RIGHT or WRONG, and if you are wrong….you are still convinced you are right because you hear the cry in your sleep and dreams.

3. You will clean and pick up the same toys and mess at least 4-5 times a day.

4. You will never eat sitting down or without feeling rushed.

5. You will ultimately feel AWFUL for your wife if you are the husband, but realize there is not much you can do for the newborn.

6. You never remember what it is like to shower for more than 2 minutes

7. Making Meals consists of frozen veggies, shakes and healthy lean meats you dont have to cook. AKA, anything requiring more than 5 minutes to make won’t happen unless you have help.

8. Your house becomes a war zone….QUICKLY.

9. Ice cream and desserts can be a saving grace. 

10. The thought of taking a nap is almost comical. 

11. Sesame Street is a God Send

12. Newborns truly are aliens and I am convinced have a timer programmed in them to start crying at times you least want it.

We are truly blessed and fortunate to have a healthy baby and new addition to the family! Just apart of me wishes we could “flash” through this difficult time. I don’t know how Meg does it and seeing her in three days has already had me convinced she should win some sort of mom award! 

We all have challenging things in out lives, and MANY of us out there no nothing of what other people battle and face day in and day out, so you just have to be your own critic sometimes and either…A) Tell yourself to MAN UP and get stronger or B) Cut yourself some slack and stop stressing over things you cannot control.

Will my home be spotless everyday? Hell no.

Will I have my work done everyday…..NO, something I will HAVE to be ok with because I am so used to not stopping until it’s done….but the reality of it all is that kids bring a new element of “busy” to your life. One that a deadline can’t compare to.

There are certain things you CAN control to make your life the best it can while living in the breif moments of chaos, and for me they are: 

1. Drink a protein shake everyday

2. Eat a Salad Daily

3. Take my Greens and Fish Oil Daily

4. SCHEDULE my workouts and do NOT let anything get in the way. Sweat DAILY!

5. Find LITTLE bouts of time to do workouts! ( for example, while I air fry my sweet potatoes I set a goal to do 100 push ups and 100 hollow rocks)

6. Stop comparing your life to someone else’s. They know nothing about yours or the way you work. 

7. Wake Up EARLY, GO TO BED Early! 

8. Cut out mindless TV. There is nothing good about it and you can fill that time being much more productive! 

9. When you get HELP, USE IT. 

10. COMMUNICATE with your spouse. Lack of communication will only makes things worse!

11. BE kind. No matter how stressed and crazy your life seems, TRY not to let that show to your work/client’s lives. 

12. Be humble. No one knows how hard you work other than you and maybe your spouse. Don’t feel the need to flaunt it all over Instagram and social media. We get it. EVERYONE is busy. 

13. CONTROL WHAT YOU CAN. You can’t control your kids getting sick, crying babies in the middle of the night, your lack of sleep DUE TO THAT(not just because you wanted to stay up late to binge watch Grey’s Anatomy.). You CAN control what you put in your mouth, how active you are, and the way you treat others!

14. Take time. I struggle with this one, but you need to take time to either spend with your family OR spend for yourself. We all deserve downtime, but make sure you EARN it. 

15. Show gratitude! Give thanks to those who change your life and make them feel special! 

I know this all sounds so surreal, but I know you guys can do this! If you need help, or need a coach to help you get there, send me a message or reply to this email! I am really looking forward to a great month celebrating our 7 year milestone and we are going to give away 10 more $100 Gift Cards so if you want to claim one you can click here!

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Have a wonderful Monday!PS – did you see my kettlebell flow workout to try? You just need 25 minutes! Check it out here.

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